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How do Crash Game Gambling Algorithms Work

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Here are the exact algorithm steps a simple crash gambling algorithm takes to generate a game result:

The random number generator algorithm picks a random number.

Before a round of crash begins, the RNG algorithm already picks out a random number between 1 and the highest value multiplier determined by the game provider. Let’s say a number between 1 and 1000.

The game starts!

You see the rocket take off, and you’re hoping that it reaches those juicy multipliers. But little do you know that you only watch a show with a predetermined result. Remember, the RNG of the crash game already decided on a number between 1 and 1000 beforehand.

The game ends.

If you’re lucky enough to cash out before the multiplier crashes, then you’re all set! However, if you decided to cash out at a multiplier that was higher than the predetermined RNG result, you lose it all. It’s all just a guessing game if you pick a cashout multiplier lower than the number that the algorithm for the crash game picked, you win! If not, try again!

Sound very simple, right? It is, and with a simple RNG algorithm, this process could easily be rigged to favor the casino. This opens up an age-old question:

Couldn’t casinos just tamper with the results and make players lose?

Good question. They could, and we’re sure it happened before.

Since the introduction of crash games in 2014, players have pushed casinos and game providers to provide proof that the algorithm behind the game indeed generates randomized game results. A few years later, simply stating that the game is based on a random number generator just isn’t enough.

Modern crash games are generally based on two different crash gambling algorithms:

Certified PRNG algorithms

Provably Fair RNG algorithms

Certified PRNG Crash Gambling Algorithms

A PRNG or a Pseudo Random Number Generator is a software-based random number generator that works without any external influence. Based on a range of outcomes, known as the seed value, the PRNG algorithm will randomly generate crash game results on its own.

While it is theoretically possible to learn the pattern of this algorithm (hence the “Pseudo” part) if you somehow decode the seed value, it is worth mentioning that you’ll need a lifetime or more to do so.